Privacy Information (called "website" from here on) tracks users like much of the WWW in multiple ways.

    These are the methods the website will use to track users:
  • Nginx is used as the primary way that website content is delivered. Nginx is largely configured to operate in it's default nature, including the default configuration of the log file. Here is the default log information, and what Nginx logs. We delete these logs after 30 days. We do not actively parse or run analytics software on these logs.
  • If you choose to login to the website, a cookie will be written to your device in order to keep up with your login information from page to page without having to keep logging in and to keep our URLs clean in case you want to share them or bookmark them. This cookie is called a session cookie, and only contains your unique session identifier which is randomly picked by the scripting language PHP. In order to maintain our legally in the EU/UK, we make sure that we have your permission in writing this cookie to your device before it is written (in the login form). If you choose to be remembered for 30 days, then that is the session expiration time, otherwise it is one day. If you click logout, the session cookie is deleted immediately upon logout.
  • Users are only required to provide a username, email address, and password. The email address is used to assist with forgotten passwords, and voluntary newsletters (which currently do not exist).
  • All content here is offered for your use via the GNU GPL v3 licensing guidelines for redistribution of content. You can take our content and apply, re-apply, in any way you prefer.